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Photovoltaic Equipment
Multi-Purpose Wafer Sorter
Model No. WS60A
Length (mm) standard length±0.05mm
Diagonals (mm) standard diagonal length±0.05mm
Perpendicularity standard value±0.1 degree
Stain (mm2) ≧an area of 0.25*0.25 mm2
Chips (mm2) ≧an area of 0.02*0.4mm2
Feed Work Station Qty Two work stations automatic switch
Standard Outlet Tray Qty 12x2+1
Power Supply AC 380±10% 50-60HZ 3.0KW
Compressed Air 0.4-0.7MPa 0.2m3/min
Equipment Weight (individual modules) 2500Kg(200Kg+1500Kg +400Kg+400Kg)
Equipment Dimensions 7000*1400*2000mm(L*W*H) Feed Area:1400*1100*1300mm Test Area:3200*1300*2000mm Outlet Area X2:1350*1200*2000mm

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